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  • Jeff Brown

High School 2.0

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Everyone has their story about going to High school and finding their way….or not.

For me, High School was a blur, with a few friends, no sports, no clubs, no inspirational teachers, and little motivation to learn. I just got through.

At graduation, I culminated my High School tenure with a customary diploma, a 2.0 grade point average, a consistent interest in drafting, a knack for learning a foreign language (German), an enjoyment of geometry and spark of interest in contemporary civics.

I entered the world of expected independence without a clue as to what steps and direction I could take and yet the future awaited.

So how would today’s analysis of the student ‘Jeff Brown’ be captured in the statical metrics of educational success be portrayed? Was he prepared? Did he learn? Would he succeed? Would he contribute?

No one really had any idea how Jeff would do, including Jeff.

Life and life-in-school is not a team sport, its about each individual and their story. Our education is about guiding each individual student towards their best un-hindered, enlightened journey of learning and discovery possible.

With art making, each piece is unique and holds the love and intensions of its Creator.

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