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Two Consistent Questions

My name is Jeff Brown and I am running for the Clover Park School Board in Position 3.

This weekend I was able to visit hundreds of homes in Lakewood and more deeply understand what weighs in the hearts and minds of families regard the education of their children in Clover Park Schools.

The two resounding questions that I get are:

  1. ‘What is your position on Critical Race THEORY (CRT) in our schools?’

  2. ‘Is there systemic racism in our country, and more specifically in Clover Park Schools?’

There on only a few days left ahead of Clover Park School Board elections on August 3rd and I would like to be very clear what my position on this topic is and why it matters.

CTR appears to be the ‘hottest’ controversy across the country because it is on the agenda for consideration in most every state and at every level of governance. It is also in the Human Resource agendas of large and small companies alike across America.

I believe most of us abhor racism and particularly in its overt manifestations.

I believe most people also recognize that racism comes through veiled and unspoken means which just and harmful to the victims.

I believe racism is alive and resides in the hearts and minds of individuals and shows up that way in groups and institutions.

CRT is in fact a theory that seems to say that we live in a society that is intrinsically racist and that racism comes from one particular race against all of the others.

CTR is racist in itself and if implemented in our schools, it will ‘pit’ one race against itself and all of the others as well.

CRT will divide staff, students, and parents rather than unite.

CRT will re-write the history we impart to our children with a myopic agenda supporting ‘systemic racism’.

CRT will distract Clover Park School District from it one clear mission of educating our kids in the fundamentals language, math, science, civics, and the arts.

When I started my campaign to run for the School Board, I made a commitment to the families of Lakewood, that I would protect our children from special interest narratives (including CRT), which detract our focus from fundamental education.

That is what I intend to do if elected. Please keep asking questions.

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