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  • Jeff Brown

My Commitment

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Our Public Schools are institutions chartered by the people of our local and

greater communities for the purposes of imparting fundamental education for

our children towards life skills and critical thinking.

Our Public Schools are sanctioned by parents to reinforce their children with the

familial values of love, respect, integrity, and positive self-esteem, while providing

essential instruction in knowledge through which we speak, write, understand,

analyze, invent, communicate, and debate.

Martin Luther King once said:

“The complete education gives one not only power of concentration, but worthy

objectives upon which to concentrate.”

As a 35-year resident of the Lakewood area and the Clover Park School District

with two Lakes High School Graduates, my commitment is to assure that the

Clover Park School Board is once again a forum where all voices are heard

through transparency and critical discussion resulting in sound, measured


My commitment is to protect our children from special interest narratives,

which detract our focus from fundamental education, and to hold the Clover

Park Schools District accountable to the essentials of educating our children in

the development of language, math, science, civics, and the arts.

All children are unique individuals with lives to be guarded and nurtured.

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